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Sunday Fundays = Shitty Mondays

January 25, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Ok I’ll go ahead and just say it…I love Sunday Fundays, and I am not the only one.  I find that most socially mobile twenty-thirty somethings use our blessed day to stretch the weekend out for as long as they can before their ass is dragged back to the mundane hole of the inner week.  It is such a beautiful day…filled with mimosas, oversized sunglasses, day old makeup, and more queens than you can throw a Fendi tote at.  Of course any day were it is socially acceptable to drink before noon is a good day all by itself.  However, I have started to become wary of the Sunday Funday.  Was the concept invented for our pleasure, or our demise?  And by the way, who the hell came up with the idea of Sunday Fundays?  I find that if we as a society are going to declare a particular day filled with alcoholic brunches that turn into late-night
clubbing, we should at least have the common decency to give ourselves a day to recover before Monday hits us in the face.  I, for one, am tired of coming into work on Monday dehydrated with blotched out skin and sore legs from dancing the night before.  Are we just that desperate that we must grab on to the weekend with such brazen force that we do not let go until Monday morning?  Well I have news for you, trying to hold onto the weekend is like holding on to your own totter…the harder you hold it, the less pleasure it gives and more pain it causes.  Let it go, Friday night will be here the same time it has always been, waiting for you with open arms…one holding a martini, the other a beer.  So, go buy that new outfit for this weekend, confirm the evite to that party, and go ahead and get a head start on your water intake, because you own this weekend.  Just always remember this… “Save a Monday, kill a Sunday Funday.”

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