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So why all this blog hoopla?

January 26, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have spent the better part of a year trying to convince myself not to have a blog.  I find them cliche.  And why?  Why do I need to blog when I have Facebook, MySpace, multiple emails, and a plethora of networks in which I could just “put it out there?”  And who really cares?  Who gives a rat’s ass about my life, thoughts, opinions, cares, sorrows, and passions?

Well, after some consideration, I have been able to answer all the above questions previously prohibiting me.

Number one;  I can be a snobby pompous asshole:

To say anything is cliche just means that you think you are better than something or someone else.  You somehow think you can “up” the current standard or stereotype by creating something better.  Well, I have yet to come out with “Blog: Version Chase 1.0,” so I am gonna go ahead and get off my high horse about blogs and just blog my pompous ass off; and that’s a lot of ass.

Number 2;  Facebook, MySpace, and all the others are not blogs.

They are social networking thingies.  Yes, some have blogs.  But seriously, there is no way in hell that I could write an excerpt about anything without getting constantly distracted with pokes, profile updates, and top friend picks.  And don’t you all worry, I will contribute a whole post to that monster later on.

Number3;  If you have passion and care, others do too.

I have found that many things that I truly care about in life have been the direct result of other people’s passions.  Its been people’s passion to share their experiences and opinions; to share things with me that I have never before considered.  And how could you not share such wonderful acknowledgements about yourself and the world around you with others? 



Finally, the last and most important reason for this blog;  it is the greatest lesson I have learned in an entire year.  I find that the most simple lessons are the most profound, and this is no exception:

Do not argue.  Do not debate.  Do not fight.  Only consider.  For that is how we grow.



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