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Hate Crimes Bill = Christians can’t kill Gays …Oh dear, Pat Robertson, what shall you do?!

November 30, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

In the month of October, 2009, President Obama signed the Hate Crimes Bill into law.

For me, I was so happy to have this additional protection for myself and others who posses added fear pertaining to our sexual orientation. Just like African-Americans may have felt fear by just walking down the street in the 1960s, gays and lesbians continue to fear for their own safety and wellbeing today. President Obama acknowledged this reality, and not only gave gays and lesbians better protection under the law, but also extended this protection to people’s religious beliefs. I found this to be a great step forward to help dissipate hate in every realm of our society. However, I guess Pat Roberston and I have very different options.

Now, before I go off, I will say that I can understand anyone’s general fear of losing one’s right to free speech. Being of the general belief that feels that government should only reach so far, I would not want to be of constant worry that what I say could be misconstrued or come back to bite me in the ass.

But really, c’mon….

For one thing, to actually twist this Hate Crimes Bill into being some sort of attack on free speech or religion completely boggles my mind. I find it humorous that the added protection for one’s own religious beliefs is completely ignored my Mr. Robertson. It proves that people like him really do not want a nation based on civil liberties, like FREE SPEECH….., but only want laws and rights based on his own personal belief and agenda.

But lets get down to the nitty gritty. Mr. Robertson, if you are honestly worried about you or other speakers/pastors being liable for hate crimes, then do not incite hate… seriously, if the Chuch has stooped so low as to be worried about being liable for HATE, then maybe it should refocus itself on more Biblical principlas…..perhaps, love?

This all bears one more important point; AS IF. As if you would actually be held responsible for someone else’s actions. Taking past history for an example, one could look at David Duke, perhaps America’s most well-known racist and anti-Semite. For all the hate he instilled in others, never once was he held liable for other members of the KKK’s violent actions. So, Mr. Robertson, unless you plan on being more radical than an infamous KKK Grand Master, I would say you have nothing to worry about.

I am sure this is not the last bitch/moan fest we will hear from the likes of Pat Roberton Inc. All I hope is that, in the future, we will hear what the bitching and moaning is really all about; Less power for you, equal protection for all.


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