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Karl Rove Disrespects Sanctity of Marriage, Gets Divorce

The architect of George Bush’s march to the White House and the man who engineered anti-gay marriage amendments in the name of “saving” marriage has gotten divorced.

Again. Yes. His second.

In the announcement, his spokesperson asked for privacy.


He thinks his marriage is a private matter that the press shouldn’t exploit? He thinks we should keep our noses out of it because a marriage or in this case a divorce — is a private matter?

Mr. Rove is the person responsible for all of that “marriage hasn’t changed since Biblical times” and “the sanctity of marriage that gay people are trying to destroy” garbage. Something he made up to scare people; to get right wing extremists, bigots and the mis-informed to the polls. And it worked.

One thing that makes his exploitation of gays and lesbians so heinous is that he was raised by his two gay dads, which he was very close to.

Rove made a concerted effort to push the marriage status of hundreds of thousands of Americans to the center stage of the political process. He treated the issue like a political plaything. Which is easier to do when it’s an abstract notion. Only problem is: For each one of those couples, it’s not at all an abstract issue. And if a politician’s private behavior is at odds with their political stances, well: it’s our job to point it out. Hypocrisy is rampant in Washington D.C., of course, however it does not, nor will it ever become acceptable.


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