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A Mother/Son Exchange

sweet son,

I love you always. I’m sorry that you can’t continue a conversation with me because you feel the need to protect yourself. From what? The truth?? The truth is this. God is good. God loves you, (my partner), and all of your homosexual friend’s. However, you have been lied to. And you have believed the old lie from the beginning. That God is holding out on you. I remember when you would come home from college and go out alone with your Bible to seek God. I know now that you were praying for deliverence and it didn’t come as you expected. You finally became discouraged, disallusioned, and angry. Angry at God. And that is where all of this comes from. You are so angry. You claim that you’re not, but, one read of your blog says that you are a very angry person. That makes me very sad. You also claim to be a student of theology. From who do you study, and how do you know the truth?? Do you believe only those that make you comfortable in what you already FEEL is right? or are your really seeking the truth? I challenge you and your friends. Come over and talk to dad. Bring it. Let’s really get to the truth. Let me know. Love you! I know that you don’t celebrate the risen Lord, and the new life He gives, but still, He cares for you and longs for you to come to the cross.

BTW You never know what is going to happen in the future. (your grandparents) wonder why you don’t call. I know about the money. I don’t understand what that was about though. You can be mad at me if you want, but, don’t ever be angry at them!! They have done everything to bless you since you were born! If anything makes me angry at you, it would be your treatment of them. It would be a terrible thing for you if something were to happen to them and you were on bad terms. They aren’t getting any younger. Keep these things in mind. Also, time marches on. Things change. You’re loosing touch with your family. It’s a sad shame that you continue to choose your changing friends over your family.


My Mother,

Not one thing you just wrote answers any questions to which I have posed to you and dad both. If you choose to use my blog, than please answer at least a few of the questions I posed from “Bible Problems,” in which you may find by searching the title. You may remember that I asked you and dad to answer some of those questions in an email I wrote over a year ago. No response. Yet your email talks of only your own “feelings” about my life.

In regards to money, I now do not owe anybody in my family anything, thankfully. The one loan (and the one thing I asked them for in years) has been payed back fully.

I am not angry at all. I just do not want to come to Easter at your house. And I have no desire whatsoever to come anywhere near a place where I am not accepted fully. Even if I was single, I would not want to come, because you would only accept me there because I am so.

I was having a wonderful time having lunch with you and dad on occasion; because I thought we were at the point were we could accept our differences. But I have never told you that you are living a wrong lifestyle because you refuse to meet my partner…and there have now been 3 of them. And to note, each one has been for a year each…dad talked and talked about (my sister’s) 3 month endeavor during lunch….

The reason I ended our phone call is because I know the very instant you start to attack. It always starts with a couple glasses of wine and wanting to admit that I am wrong. I will not talk to you under any such circumstance. Bring demeanour and candor and I would be glad to discuss anything you wish to talk about.

I love you very much momma, but I will delete any following email you send without reading because, as I have gathered from your most recent, has nothing do do with actual reality, but only your self-protecting lifestyle. Answer my questions like an adult and than we may treat each other as such.


  1. April 3, 2010 at 8:22 pm

    Wow, her letter sounds like a zillion repeater from my sister (that is until I censored her from abusing my patience, love and respect)…so now days, I´m 66 and she´s five years older, we have non-conversations while she yaks on and on about her latest infirmity and here former jock husband, turned lazy righteous bigot/spong, gives me little chats about nothing comprenhensible (he does that with a sort of snear)…they have no power in my life and I prefer to not see them…so I don´t sometimes for years on end…as it turns out their children (3) and many grandchildren adore me…there is a silver lining in the family department…and I may be angry but it is far more at the fear-hate-mongering ignorant Anglican Bishops in Nigeria and Uganda and the arrogant, unfit Bishop of Rome.

  2. Nate Grey 310
    December 22, 2011 at 3:07 pm

    Man…………much love at you bro. I am 32, gay, a former pastor’s assistant, and leader in the ministry. I’m with you.

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